Recording a standard Shoutcast station is extremely simple with the MP3 VCR:

  1. Bring up a web page with Shoutcast stations.

    An excellent starting point for finding stations is

  2. Also, open up the MP3 VCR software from your start menu or your desktop.

  3. Instead of clicking on a link (such as "Tune In!" ) to play the station, DRAG AND DROP from the "Tune In!" button to the GREEN BOX. If the link is valid, you will get a screen like this!

    NOTE: You can also type in, or copy and paste the link. Click the green check or hit "enter" after typing in the remote playlist.

  4. By default, the MP3 VCR will save MP3s in either your default Documents folder (or your My Music folder on Windows XP and up). To edit the folder to save MP3s in, drag and drop a folder from Windows Explorer into the "path to save MP3s to:" box. Or, click the folder icon () to select a folder. You may also optionally change the title.

  5. To record the station immediately, hit Start Recording. If you want to just listen without recording, hit Listen. Both options will take you to the MP3 VCR Playback screen.

That's it!

You are now recording! However, you may want to look at more options that are available.

Check out how to record Live365 stations. Same procedure, it's just a little bit different. :)

Want to make it even easier to record? Check out Web Browser Linking Want to load and save your favorite radio station presets? Check out Radio station presets.

Advanced users will want to look at the entire advanced setup options including the various saving options for MP3 files. Or, look at the command line options and the MVR (MP3 VCR preset) file format.

There also are tutorials on using the MP3VCR with a schedule application, and playing a radio station when you boot your computer. This will help you maximize your MP3VCR experience!

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