The MP3 VCR is Freeware.

The MP3 VCR program was primarily created for my purposes. I wanted a "stream ripping" program that either had a good scheduler, or could be used with a command line so I could utilize that. I found this surprisingly lacking, as far as software goes! So I created my own.

I do not have time to fully support the MP3 VCR (I have a real programming job and I also am in two bands, and brew beer as a hobby too :) ). Let's face it, if I'm going to get tons of emails on how to use the program, I need to be paid for it. :) So the program is released, with no guarantee of support, for free. I will support the program mostly through the forums, when I get the time between all my other activities, so don't think this is vaporware (yet). :)

I hope you enjoy the program. If you like the program, I encourage you to donate some cash to me, through Paypal. This will encourage me to continue to work on the program! If you have any questions, please contact me through the forum. Thanks!

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