The MP3VCR now supports built-in recording of Live365 streams. This gives you a much wider range of stations to chose from than mere Shoutcast stations alone.

In order to use Live365 stations, you must establish a Live365 account. When you drag and drop a Live365 station into the green box, you will get a prompt asking for your Live 365 login:

Fill this out with your Live365 account and password. You will not be able to record Live365 streams without this login.

You can edit the Live365 login at any time by selecting "Set Login" in the Live365 menu. This will bring back up the Live365 login / password dialog box.

The only other option to be aware of is the Capture album names option. By default, this option is checked. This means that the album name provided by Live365 gets recorded in the MP3's ID tag. You can uncheck this option, if you want. This records a date code as the album name instead.

NOTE: The Live365 login information is stored in a file called mp3vcr.l36.

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