If you have a Live365 account, recording from there is now just as simple as recording a standard Shoutcast station!

  1. Browse Live365 and select a given station.

  2. Also, open up the MP3 VCR software from your start menu or your desktop.

  3. DRAG AND DROP from *either* the station picture, *OR* the icon that says "add this station to my presets" (+), to the GREEN BOX.
    NOTE: You can also drag and drop the title from the home page and a couple other locations. Basically, MP3VCR is looking for a string in the format of "". If you have never logged in before, you will get a box prompting you for your Live 365 login and password:

    The login will be stored for future use. You can edit this login at any time.

    Once your login is validated, if the station is up and valid, you will get a screen like this!

    NOTE: You can also copy and paste the link. Click the green check or hit "enter" after pasting in the Live365 link file.

  4. By default, the MP3 VCR will save MP3s in either your default Documents folder (or your My Music folder on Windows XP and up). To edit the folder to save MP3s in, drag and drop a folder from Windows Explorer into the "path to save MP3s to:" box. Or, click the folder icon () to select a folder. You may also optionally change the title.

  5. To record the station immediately, hit Start Recording. If you want to just listen without recording, hit Listen. Both options will take you to the MP3 VCR Playback screen.

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