WARNING: The following section contains information for advanced gurus who want to play around with the configuration files. The program takes care of all of the settings below. Proceed at your own risk!

All MVR presets files actually are text files. Accordingly, for those bored of GUI interfaces, it is relatively easy to edit your line. The program comes with several presets; the one labeled SomaFM Groove Salad.mvr contains comments that should help you without having to look at the documentation.

The following is honestly not necessary, the GUI takes care of this for you, but some of you may want to hack around, so here is the information you need. :)

The following commentary is taken from the SomaFM Groove Salad preset in case you delete it. :)

# All # lines AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FILE ONLY are ignored
# This was originally written without a GUI for timed recordings 
# So apologize for the bastardized format.
# Best to use the GUI to save a configuration first.
# 1st line = Title
# !L-Title = Open in listen mode
# !P-Title = Open paused
# !X-Title = Open in listen *and* paused mode.
# 2nd line = Address of Shoutcast Stream
#	     !l365! - special end designator that says this is a Live365 stream
#            and the pls file has to be loaded.
# 3rd line = Name of the show if a dated archive
#            or SONGNAMEONLY to save the song data associated with
#            the stream instead of the radio program itself.
#            or FILENAME XXXX to save the song as a single MP3 File
#	     SONGNAMEONLY[[%A - %T -- these tell the MP3VCR to override the default
#	     file format with the file format specified (e.g. %A - %T = Artist - Title)
# 4rd line = Path to save the stream to
#            %DEFDIR% = use the default directory (last saved or Music folder)
# 5th line = Length of show in minutes
#            Snnn (where n is the length of the show in minutes) 
#            will keep program loaded when the timed recording finishes
#            0 = no timed recording
# 6th line = Maximum days of shows to keep (ignored if not a dated archive)
#            0 = never delete


!L-Groove Salad

Here is what this preset file means:


Where interesting settings are saved

The following settings are saved in this configuration file, written in the application's path:





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