Thanks to Nok1 and other Planet Source Code members for the initial VB code for capturing MP3s, it certainly got me started.
Thanks to Joe Foster and Ed Pugh for file / path exists contributions. Stephen Fonnesbeck contributed the browse folder control. Richard Wells of PSC contributed the spinner control. The URI processing class was provided by Jon Davis, also of PSC. Moon Valley Software provided the MP3P MCI interface control which provided the music output once I made a fake server. :) Eric Smith's code helped with common folders. MCI mixer information was obtained from Jamie Pocock. Karl E. Birch contributed the realtime sizeable window code. Intelligent Solutions contributed the temp directory file code (for Live365 stuff.) David Ireland contributed the Base64 encoding required for Basic HTTP authentication.

Thanks to all the source code out there for making it possible. :)


0.5.1 (09/20/13) -- Tightened file skipping code fixing some bugs in it
0.5.0 (09/17/13) -- Added an option when the filename is the same to completely skip the file (versus overwrite or write with # appended). Corrected weird version numbering of previous version by reverting to 5.0. :)
0.4.3 (07/01/13) -- Increased the maximum time to 99999. Added an option per stream to borrow n seconds from the previous title (this allows one to correct for late song / artist changes on a per stream basis).
0.4.22 (02/20/12) -- Corrected a small issue with the Live 365 login.
0.4.21 (01/22/12) -- Added the ability to name the title by album (for Live365 streams only).
0.4.20 (06/20/11) -- MP3VCR now writes ID3V2 tags as well as ID3V1.
0.4.19 (04/01/11) -- MP3VCR no longer overwrites files automatically. By default, will not overwrite. (You can turn this feature off if you want.)
Adds the ability to "skip" some songs before recording. Useful for removing stubs or for not recording incomplete songs. By default, this feature is off.
0.4.18 (12/21/10) -- More Live365 fixes -- fixes title capture.
0.4.17 (08/13/10) -- More Live365 fixes -- fixes title capture.
0.4.16 (08/10/10) -- Modified Live365 drag and drop station name capture to reflect new web page.
0.4.15 (03/18/10) -- Updated Live365 title retrieving method to reflect new player code.
0.4.14 (12/23/09) -- The timeout functionality now works with PLS files that time out as well.
0.4.13 (05/11/09) -- Live365 recording fix.
0.4.12 (05/15/08) -- Attempts to fix a timing issue with Live365 logins.
0.4.11 (04/09/08) -- Fixes broken Live365 VIP recording.
0.4.10 (10/09/06) -- Fixes an issue loading the Live365 items from Live365's directory
Adds the ability to adjust the bytes of silence needed to detect the split points.
0.4.9 (10/09/06) -- Adds additional enhancement to the site retry code
Fixes an issue where XML markup characters are displayed in Live365 titles
0.4.8 (09/12/06) -- Fixes a potential error parsing incomplete Live365 entries
0.4.7 (07/12/06) -- Fixes a potential encoding error for storing Live365 passwords
0.4.6 (06/13/06) -- Adds the ability to drag and drop from the Live365 directory, not just the station itself
0.4.51 (04/04/06) -- Added additional enhancements to the timeout code
0.4.5 (04/03/06) -- Adds the ability to capture Live365 album titles. The default is that this feature is turned on. You can also capture a date code in the album (for sorting) by unchecking "capture album names" in the Live365 menu of the recording setup.
Adds timeout retries for the initial connections. The default is 3 retries with a 3 second delay between each retry. You can change this setting by going to "initial connection retry manager" in the MP3VCR Advanced Configuration menu.
0.4.01 (01/24/06) -- Fixes a runtime error that could come up within Live365 broadcasts and non-title streaming
0.4.0 (01/20/06) -- Adds a preset window. This allows for easy management and playing of radio station presets.
Adds silence detection. MP3VCR will now attempt to detect silence and set the begin and end points of the files based on this.
Expands station list to 40 presets
Corrects problem of focus when typing into record setup URL. Previously, the application would lose focus after the first keystroke.
Corrects Live365 problem on timed recordings where the last song would have an incorrect ID.
Record window now will not erase the URL when you type an incorrect one in.
Minor other bug fixes
0.3.8 (12/06/05) -- Further corrections for multiple network-problem messages
Corrects error in saving Live365 Preset files, this error would occur for instance when saving a preset when recording
Titlebar now shows station and, if it can fit, the song name
0.3.8 (12/06/05) -- Corrects multiple network-problem messages appearing
0.3.71 (09/20/05) -- Support for more 302 server redirects
0.3.7 (08/29/05) -- Added support for recording VIP-only Live365 stations
0.3.6 (07/18/05) -- Changed Live365 to utilize the XML title feed (more reliable, less bandwidth)
0.3.52 (07/14/05) -- Increased timeout for all Live365 connections
0.3.51 (06/30/05) -- Corrected version graphic
Corrected an issue with certain Live365 icons using quotes
0.3.5 (06/24/05) -- Fixed errors with > 259 character songs
Eliminated initial "unknown" stub during recording setup
Support for playlist sites which require cookie-enabled logins (use Internet Explorer to set the cookie up)
Support for basic HTTP authentication sites (e.g. Digitally Imported Premium)
0.3.0 (04/11/05) -- Drag and drop Live365 recording
Fixed major bug regarding initialized custom file formats
Other bugfixes
0.2.61 (03/24/05) -- Bugfix for installer package (changed OCXs)
0.2.6 (03/07/05) -- Added the ability to save in custom file formats
Added date information (for easier loading onto MP3 players etc. by playlist time) to Album ID3 tag
Bugfixes regarding documentation link on menu, artist/title seperation
0.2.51 (03/02/05) -- Small graphics change
0.2.5 (03/01/05) -- Multi-line M3Us now accepted
New GUI created for the default -- somewhat cleaner, more graphical
Scrollable titles now on / off
Popup window for scrollable windows
MP3 engine stability
Live365 title stream stability
Improved state retention for pause and listening
Skinable controls -- "default" plus old-style "beta" GUI, allows people to create GUIs easier
Other bugfixes
0.2.0 (01/10/05) -- Fixed major bug on Live365 title capture, which would overwrite files on title timing changes that ended up being the same name.
0.1.12 (01/02/05) -- More icon fixes, fixed default directory loading on previous MVR files, fixed presets.
0.1.11 (12/30/04) -- Fixed scrolling issue, writing ID3 files on paused only items, icon for install, some radio stations.
0.1.10 (12/29/04) -- Volume slider and timing changes.
0.1.9 (12/28/04) -- Some labeling changes :).
0.1.8 (12/27/04) -- Fixed batch command to properly start up.
0.1.7 (12/23/04) -- Added command line generator to advanced recording options.
0.1.6 (12/22/04) -- Updated timer to monitor master slider volume value
0.1.5 (12/16/04) -- Improved some of the redirection code and form handling.
0.1.4 (12/10/04) -- Fixed more association bugs and a few other things.
0.1.2 (12/08/04) -- added meta-refresh support for URI, for certain scenarios. Fixed some of the association code.
0.1.1 (12/07/04) -- added IE user-agent emulation to support IE-based work authentication :)
0.1.0 (12/03/04) -- first compile

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