The MP3VCR has some limited ability to change the graphics of the playback screen. The following documents how to create, modify, and edit the graphics that the MP3VCR uses.

All skins are stored in the "Skins" folder of the program (for example, c:\program files\MP3VCR\Skins\). The skins are composed of two elements:

Graphics can either be in .bmp, .jpg, or .gif format. The graphics are used for the background and button images on the skin.

The INI file is where you will make adjustments to all of the graphical elements. Here is where the bulk of the configuration will be done. See the section below for information on each element of the INI file.

To create a skin, perform the following:

That's pretty much it. :) To load the skin, try and play a station and select it. If there are any errors on the skin, the MP3 VCR will let you know which element is a problem so you can correct it.

You can preview a skin design from the recording setup screen, by hitting the Shift-F11 key. This will show a disabled version of the recording display, and let you know of any errors to boot.

Skin INI file reference -- version 0.2.1