aka "Default Stream Title Format"

By default, the MP3VCR normally saves ripped streams in the title format of "artist - title" (e.g. Madonna - Like a Virgin.mp3"). In some cases, however, this format is not particularly desired. For instance, you may want to create a list that is sorted by date and time (in order to "PodCast" Live365 or Shoutcast streams.)

Note: This is *only* for the streams where you capture the stream titles.

The MP3 VCR allows you to change this default format, however -- at two levels.

First, there is a global default title format. To configure this, select the "Advanced Configuration" menu. Select "Default stream title".

For each individual recording, you can also override the default stream title by selecting the "Override Default File Format" button:

Note: This overrided file format is saved when you save a preset!

Both options will bring up the stream title configuration screen:

Select any value in the dropdown to change the format!

The MP3VCR comes preset with the following formats:

Note: Default file formats are stored in comma-delimited format in the file mp3vcr.fft

You can also create a custom title format. Any text can be used! However, at minimum, either a title (%T) or time (%H) flag needs to be in the custom format. This ensures that the files don't overwrite each other (very bad).

Within the custom title, the following tags will be replaced with relevant information about what is being ripped: