Normally, when using the MP3VCR application, you will be recording when you feel like it, stopping and starting manually. But what if you want to record a program that lasts a certain amount of time? What if you want to stop the program automatically? What if you want to use the program with a scheduler?

The MP3VCR can help you. Here's how.

If you haven't already done so, go into the Advanced menu and click Show Advanced Options. This will bring up the advanced options below the playback / record buttons:

The options you want to look for are the Timed Recording options at the bottom of the screen!

Simply make sure the "Timed Recording" option is checked to set everything up!

The Timed Recording options are:

If you wish to record the stream silently, you may want to uncheck the Listen to Stream option. This will prevent the MP3 VCR from playing back the stream you are recording, allowing you to record the station unobtrusively! (You can always listen to the stream via the playback panel. )

You may notice that the playback panel looks slightly different. The Time Mode button will be enabled on this screen. This button can be used to control whether the timer displays how many minutes you are into the recording:

OR how many minutes are left.

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