Want to make life a little easier? Link the MP3VCR to the web browser! This allows you to launch the MP3 VCR program anytime you click on a radio station. It's simple, easy, and makes life convenient. Just click on a radio station to launch MP3VCR, listen, and record at will!

Note: I didn't want to install this by default, because frankly I think that this can confuse people. All of a sudden, clicking on a link no longer launches their favorite MP3 player. That can suck. Hopefully this method gives you the freedom to choose.

To enable one-click MP3 VCR launching:

  1. Click on the Advanced menu.

  2. Click Link Web Browser

That's it! Now, just go to your favorite Internet radio station (in Shoutcast format) and launch the link!

The MP3 VCR will launch and start previewing the radio station:

To start recording, merely unclick the Pause button. The MP3 VCR will begin recording with the default options!

If you are unsatisfied with the default options, click the setup button. This will allow you to setup the MP3 VCR with new recording options as described in the basic recording menu!

What if you don't want to link the MP3 VCR to the browser anymore?

  1. Click on the Advanced menu.

  2. Click Unlink Web Browser

The MP3 VCR will restore the link to whatever program you previously used to launch Internet radio stations!

TECHNICAL NOTE: The MP3 VCR saves whatever was located in the link location (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.pls for those interested) in the file assoc.msg. This value is used to restore the MP3 VCR to its former condition. If something goes wrong, editing this file could potentially help!

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